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5 Tips to Make a BBQ More Gluten Free Friendly

  1. Buy items that are already gluten free. There are so many brands of hots dog, burger, chips that say Gluten Free right on the label. From name brand potato chips to meat, its easy to find a gluten free option in your grocery store. Here are a few BBQ staples that are easy to find the Gluten Free option if you look:
    1. Hot Dogs
    2. Hamburgers
    3. Chips (individual bags are great to avoid cross contact)
    4. Crackers
    5. Hummus
    6. Salsa
    7. BBQ Sauce and other condiments like ketchup and mustard
    8. Baked Beans

  1. Have a fruit and veggie tray. Fruits and vegetables are naturally gluten free. So having fresh fruit and vegetables is a healthy and safe option for all. (Side note- Make sure to use a clean knife and dedicated gluten free cutting board for cutting up fruit. If gluten has been used on a cutting board, it can get stuck in the cut marks. As an alternative, you could cut the food on a glass or ceramic plate)

  1. Place all gluten containing food at the end of the food line or a separate table. If you are serving gluten containing items like bread, buns or cookies, be sure to instruct people to put those items on their plate last to avoid cross contact when dishing up food.

  1. Follow safe grill protocol.
    1. Use aluminum foil or metal tray to cook GF food on the grill. If your using a grill that may have cooked gluten, cook the gluten free food on aluminum foil. Heat does not just “kill gluten” and can stay on the grill after use, so its important to make sure the surface is clean and free of any gluten.
    2. Use separate tongs and utensils for prepping GF food on grill. Keep the utensils in a safe spot so they are not touching anything with gluten.

  1. Have gluten free options and place gluten free items on separate table if needed. When serving someone with gluten intolerance its always nice to make sure they feel included by providing safe options to eat. Its can be helpful to put the gluten free items on a separate table or area so they don’t get “glutened” by someone who touched them after they toughed bread. If you make a small amount of gluten free food, it can also ensure others don’t eat it before those guest who need it.Be sure to label food that is gluten free.

Here are a few BBQ-worthy gluten free items from Abundant Life Foods:

Happy Summer! 

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