Gluten Free After School Snacks…that will last all month!


Growing up, I would go to my grandmas after school every day. I loved playing at my grandmas house and loved the anticipation of a yummy after school snack waiting for me. I would often grab a bowl of cereal, but from time to time my grandma would prepare a special treat for us. But for those with gluten intolerance, it’s not always easy to have a yummy treat ready when the kids get off the bus.

Preparing gluten free snacks isn’t always easy or tasty, but we have a few ideas to make it possible to get BOTH- Delicious and easy!


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Make anyone of these easy Mixes:

  1. Muffin Mix
  2. Bagel Mix –Use the bagel mix to make soft pretzels too.
  3. Dinner Rolls – Eat with peanut butter or jam.
  4. Scone Mix
  5. Biscuit Mix

Individually wrap each baked good in plastic wrap or put in a plastic bag.

Store in the freezer

Remove from Freezer and unwrap. Microwave on high for 30 sec.

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Try making two of more of these mixes and you’ll have snacks ready and accessible that will last all month.

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  • Thomas Fogg
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