Due to the current high volume of orders, we are experiencing delay of 30 business days for each order to be processed. 

Due to high volume of emails, we are unable to respond to all email inquiries at this time.

Thank you for your patience!

We have a New Phone number- 804-250-2027

Letter from our Owner

  • Karen Frankenhoff
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  • Stephanie B
    Stephanie B

    Hey these are tough times, and shipping has always been longer coming from a smaller company. This is not amazon, this is not Wal-Mart. You guys have truly unique products I can’t get anywhere else and I am glad to wait on them.
    Please give us gelatin and drink mixes in zippy bags like the pudding comes in. Haha that’s my only suggestion. Please hold on and weather this difficult year

  • Brenda

    I placed my order July 16th and have not received my order or any notification that has been processed or shipped tried emailing but no communication, I understand the whole covid thing and that you are getting set up with new staffing and and a new location, but if you want to retain customers all we are looking for is some sort of communication you last not was dated July 21 from the owner its now September 16th and we have no new information, where is the customer service??

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  • NewCustomer

    Three days ago you were just shipping June orders! This is not a 30 business day turnaround it’s more like 60 days. I’m not sure if I can continue to do business with a company this far behind and the lack of communication. I know the products Are good but my gosh there is no excuse for a 60 day or more delay. I’ll be looking around for other places to give my business to if something doesn’t change and quick!

  • Bob

    Hey everyone. I found the page where they are telling you updated shipping info.


  • Savannah

    I order in July still haven’t received my order or no email stating shipping. I understand delays but not almost 3 months! I want my order or I want my money back!!!!

  • EUla mAtthews
    EUla mAtthews

    Please up date your shipping calendar it helps us understand we’re our orders stands. I would like to know where it is now. Thanks

  • Paula Szyndler
    Paula Szyndler

    Hello, I see that you are 30 days behind however it is past the 30 days and I haven’t received my order nor have I received any communication. I have called but you line goes straight to voicemail and it is FULL! Please help

  • Teresa Clark
    Teresa Clark

    I truly understand challenges in business, your letter is a month old. Please communicate what is going on.

  • Carrie Ball
    Carrie Ball

    I placed an order on July 8th and it still hasn’t arrived (8/23). Tried to reach out by email without a response. Will try now to call to find out the status of my order. Really didn’t expect this type of delay.

  • Carrie Ball
    Carrie Ball

    I placed an order on July 8th and it still hasn’t arrived (8/23). Tried to reach out by email without a response. Will try now to call to find out the status of my order. Really didn’t expect this type of delay.

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  • C. Spencer
    C. Spencer

    Ordered on June 20th. Just got an email today stating my order was being shipped and would be here Aug 26th! I expected a 30 day delay but not 2 months! I want to order more but dang I’m impatient lol

  • BIll

    Same as everyone else been 30+ days lucky I used PayPal started a claim see if it helps ether way I will get my money back

  • Brad Terrapin
    Brad Terrapin

    My wife and I made an order on June 22nd, still haven’t received that one as of August 19th plus we have 3 more orders in. Tried calling and it goes straight to voicemail and not getting any answers on when we “might” get our orders. We along with everyone else just want some communication

  • Maria

    I placed an order on June 25 and still have not received it.. i understand that there’s a delay in the orders but almost a 2 month wait is just ridiculous. I have been trying to get a refund for about a month now and can’t get ahold of anyone..

  • joe scheib
    joe scheib

    Appreciate Abondant Life, especially the staff.Who knew nutrition clubs would multiply so fast and increase using Abondant Life.And moving a business in a pandemic.You guys are awesome.This is just bump in the road, keep rolling!!!


    It is nice to hear something from the company on the site… but not answering the phone at your business is not acceptable. I ordered in mid June. I know that right now things are crazy for all businesses, however poor customer service is unacceptable. How do I get info on a full refund?

  • Amy

    I ordered on 7/10 and have emailed and called several times since. I understand the delay but would appreciate a response. I enjoy your products and hope to receive my order soon. I’m out of some of my favorites and am excited for this order to arrive. Stay safe and healthy.

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  • Alice Clary
    Alice Clary

    This is ridiculous. Your letter does nothing but make excuses. It gives us NO answers at all. You cannot run a business with such a total disregard for your customers. I placed my order June 24 and have receive no reply to emails and no one answers your phones. I’m completely disgusted.

  • Lauren

    I’ve had no responses on when my order may be processed. If not soon, I’ll be forced to file a chargeback on my card to get my money back, so I can order elsewhere. Please do better at communication. You can’t ask your customer base for patience, if you aren’t willing to communicate.

  • Mandy

    Placed an order on June 14, 2020 and have yet to receive the products ordered. Its been almost 2 months but the money was collected immediately. If my order is unable to be filled then please refund me. While delays are understandable, 60 days is a bit long.

  • Brittany Ladner
    Brittany Ladner

    thank you for everything! Delays happen, but we love the products.

  • Melissa Whitfield
    Melissa Whitfield

    Phone# not answered, emails reject. There should be some form of communication. I ordered in June and haven’t received my order. I understand delays, but it would be nice to be able to get an update.

  • shunny

    Thank you so much for providing some kind of update/explanation. i was getting nervous

  • Cresta L Stedman
    Cresta L Stedman

    I would like an update, otherwise I will need a full refund

  • kelli

    i am very discouraged to keep ordering from your company while i LOVE the flavors you offer for the loaded tea the wait time to get your order is just unacceptable. If i were running a business it would be impossible to be able to order from you.. the fact you don’t respond to anyone when they ask for a status on their order also makes it difficult to continue to do business.. i understand times are tough and have been very patient already when making orders but it seems things are only getting worse orders taking way longer, no customer service at all to assist.

  • Donnell Williams
    Donnell Williams

    Order received and worth the wait. I hope you and all your employees are staying healthy. Thanks!

  • ReAnna

    So is it not a 30 business day delay? Is it longer? An update on wait times would be great.

  • Shake Mom
    Shake Mom

    I can understand the delays as it has happened with other items that I have purchased. However it has been 6 weeks and this letter is just now coming out it would have been nice to know a little sooner since I have sent an email asking the question and I received no reply back. For future cases where this may become a problem again I would just recommend letting people know a little sooner. I am excited to get my shipment and try the new flavors that I have ordered to try in my shakes. Thank you for the letter though.

  • chrissy shepard
    chrissy shepard

    My order was placed on June 2. It is well pass the 30 days. I won’t receive calls and emails.

    I can accept delays. No communication is not acceptable.

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